The Open Library website is a free online archive of scanned copies of older books with expired copyrights that are now in the public domain. This website is in no manner dedicated or limited to Bible study; but several seminaries and other contributors have uploaded scanned copies of many of their texts, including a large number of the books that Dr. J. Vernon McGee recommends as good resources for additional study and lists on the closing pages of his free study notes for each book of the Bible. Some of the listed texts are not available because the copyrights have not expired; however, many are available and can be downloaded from the Open Library website for free. Multiple editions of the Hebrew and Greek lexicons used by the Blue Letter Bible website are also available for free download, including Trench’s Synonyms. If a scan of the text you’re looking for is not available, often times links to libraries and used book dealers are provided in the search results. This organization is supported at least in part by donations and recently raised $2 million to avoid the need to run advertisements on their website.

The Open Library

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The Open Library

The Blue Letter Bible website is an excellent online study tool. Likely, the most valuable item on the site is the Bible search tool. Using this tool, one can search the Bible much like using a standard concordance but with the added benefit of being able to search not only for the occurrences of individual words but also for multiple words and exact phrases. In addition, through the use of Strong’s numbering, the search tool electronically integrates the English concordance with a Hebrew concordance, a Hebrew lexicon, a Greek concordance, and a Greek lexicon. The result is the ability to quickly locate, for each English word in the King James Version, the word in the original Hebrew or Koine Greek from which it was translated, and then find both the definition of that original term in a lexicon and every other occurrence of that original term in the Bible. It is a very powerful tool, allowing the layman who is not proficient in the original languages the ability to search for the meanings of terms in the original languages in order to arrive at an accurate interpretation of the Scripture. The site references versions of Gesenius’s Lexicon as edited by Samuel P. Tregelles, Thayer’s Lexicon, and Trench’s Synonyms, and returns digital facsimiles of original entries in these texts along with the search results. A great deal of additional information is returned with each search as well, including relevant entries in a number of Bible dictionaries. You can even listen to the audio of Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s five-year Bible study series directly on the Blue Letter Bible website.

There are also many other study resources offered on this site; but the only one that we have used personally and can speak of from firsthand experience is the search tool. All of these resources are offered at no charge to the user; so, the Blue Letter Bible needs funds to support the site and accepts donations. There are a classic version and a newer version of the Blue Letter Bible website. I am not certain what the differences are, and continue to use the classic version because that was the version available when I first started using this excellent resource.

Classic Version Home Page

Newer Version Home Page

Classic Version Search Example on the Word “Holy”

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The Blue Letter Bible

If you are interested in studying the Word of God, then this five-year Bible study program will prove itself to be of immeasurable value in providing you with a solid foundation upon which to begin a lifelong study and love of the Word of God. And it’s free. Dr. J. Vernon McGee never tells you what to believe but simply presents the Word of God as it is and encourages you to engage your own mind. The focus is always upon the Word of God and not upon Dr. McGee or his radio ministry. In addition to the thirty-minute weekday radio broadcasts, there are also a thirty-minute Questions & Answers Saturday broadcast and a forty-five-minute expository Sunday Sermon.

The Thru the Bible website provides this brief description of their radio program:

Our weekday Thru the Bible program takes the listener through the entire Bible in just five years, threading back and forth between the Old and New Testaments. Because we start over again with Genesis after we've concluded Revelation, you can “get aboard the Bible bus” at any time. If you stay with us for five years you won't miss any part of the Bible. This will be your safari through Scripture! There is no substitute for a study of the Word of God to make one a full-grown saint of God, well oriented for the great adventure of life. This is a proven method of encouraging people to study the Bible systematically. All great spiritual movements among the people of God have come about through a revival of Bible study. It will make you an intelligent Christian (1 Peter 3:15). It will make you an instructed Christian (2 Timothy 3:16,17). It will make you an informed Christian (John 7:17).

Many free resources are available online, such as Notes & Outlines for each book of the Bible and numerous Electronic Booklets in PDF format. The complete five-year Bible study series can be purchased on a flash drive for $35 or downloaded for free. The daily broadcasts and sermons are also available free online for download or listening on your computer or mobile device.  In addition, many other items that they simply cannot afford to give away are also available for purchase.  

Please note that the Thru the Bible Radio program has been continually broadcast since 1967, even after the passing of Dr. McGee on December 1, 1988. It is now broadcast in over 100 languages across the globe; and has the appropriate motto of “Taking the Whole Word to the Whole World.” The original recordings of Dr. McGee are still broadcast today; so, he remains the voice of the program. You can get all of the information, including their doctrinal statement, on the Thru the Bible website and hear for yourself. Of course, the Thru the Bible Radio Network requires financial support to broadcast the program and to offer these free resources. They gratefully accept donations, promptly provide you with a receipt for tax purposes, and post their annual financial statement on their website. They do not solicit donations through the mail or by calling you.  This is a quality organization dedicated to giving out the Word of God.

Thru the Bible Website Home Page

Five-Year Bible Study Series—MP3 Album on Flash Drive $35

Five-Year Bible Study Series—Free Download

Listen to the Current Daily Broadcast

Check the Radio Logs for a Station Near You

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Thru the Bible Radio Network

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Welcome to the Bible Study page. Please use the buttons below to navigate to each of these excellent and free study resources or simply scroll down the page. Remember to listen to Paddy Owl and be wise in the Word of God.

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

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