Scooter the Skunk is blac with a white stripe running down the top of his enire body from head to tail.  His tail is quite large and bushy. Scooter is waring a black and white scarf around his neck as he stands on all fours peeking at you with his right eye.  He looks rathe friendly and is surrounded by a simple green and blue watercolor background.

Scooter Skunk

Scooter is one of the happiest and most playful neighbors of the meadow. Scooter always has time to talk to friends and is certain to have a good, long story to tell also.    


Carli, the faithful and loyal dog of Farmer Ellwood, guards the farm to keep the neighbors safe from danger and all the unwelcome trespassers out. Enforcing the rules is a difficult job, but Carli is happy to do it because she loves the neighbors of the meadow and wants to keep them safe and protected.

Farmer Ellwood's loyal dog Carli is standing in some shot grass in front of a simple blue and green watercolor background.  Carli has deep black fur with white on her chest and toes of her front paws.  Both her ears are raised as she listens to you, and the tip of the left ear is slightly cocked forward.  Her mouth is open a bit as if she almos ready to speak to you.  She is holding her bushy tail up and forward adn is wearing a green collar that has a tag with her name on it.

Katie and Chrissy Crane

Katie Crane lives down by the waters of one of the best fishing spots in the meadow. Like her cousin Chrissy, Katie is an excellent fish catcher and enjoys singing her favorite songs. Chrissy Crane is originally from Australia. She recently arrived in the meadow to take a vacation and relax while visiting her cousin Katie. Chrissy loves to fish and sing her favorite songs. Katie is on the left and Chrissy on the right.

Katie and Chrissy Crane waving from the pond.  The two tall cranes are wearing hats and extend above the top of the ovalur scene.  Katie is on the left and is wearing a re, white, and blue baseball cap with blue stars.  Chrissy is wearing a tan australian style hat with short strings with beads on them hanging all around the rim.  They are standing in blue water behind some cattails.  The sun is setting and reflecting upon the water from directly behind them.  They appear quite hapy as the are waving to you. Both Katie and Chrissy are a light gray color.  Katie's face is the same color as her body with some pink on the sides, and Chrissy's entire head is pink, red, orange color.

Rita Robin

Rita lives with her babies and their father in their nest in a large Elm tree. Rita’s morning and evening songs provide the neighbors of the meadow with peaceful music when they arise and go to sleep each day.

Character picture of Rita Robin sitting on a tree branch singing aloud.  Her beak is open as she sings aloud.  She is wearing a reddish scarf with several large white polk dots on it, and it is tied behind her neck.  Her wings are brown, her face a bit orange in color, and her chest is a lighter whitish tan. The backgroun quickly blurs and fades, but there is an indication of trees behind and a blue sky. Darla Duck and her six yellow and big-eyed ducklings are waving to you from the tall corn in the field.  She is wearing her blue shawl and bonnet. The little duckling have no clothes and all are waving and looking pleased to see you.  Darla is a darker brown color with white on her chest only and fringe of wings. The oval picture from which Darla's bonnet extends beyond has a more developed background scene of corn stalks and blue sky.

Darla Duck and her Baby Ducklings

Darla Duck lives by the pond in a nest under the cattails with her six little yellow baby ducklings. Her four girl ducklings are named Dahlia, Dinah, Dolly, and Danielle. Her two boy ducklings are named David and Donny. Darla’s baby ducklings are still learning the importance of minding their mother and need close watching.

Grandma Dawna, Dalty, and Laney

Grandma Dawna is the grandmother of Madie’s two cousins Dalty and Laney, and is also Madie’s great aunt. She lives in the meadow near Madie, but Dalty and Laney live in a distant meadow with their mother. They are a little older than Madie but she still enjoys spending time with them whenever they come to visit their grandma in the meadow.

Picture of Grandma Dawna with her grandchildren Dalty and Laney.  All three are ducks. Dalty has yellow feathers and brown eyes and  has on a brown vest and a neat looking straw hat with tan band.  His eyes are brown.  His sister Laney is wearing a blue bonnet and has yellow feathers and green eyes.  Grandma Dawna is wearing a green shawl with pink fringe and a pink hat, with a strap tied about her neck. Her feathes are brownish and white and her head is all white.  They are posing on a simple watercolor background of blue and green.

Grandma Mimi

Madie loves her Grandma Mimi very much and always looks forward to spending time together with her. Unfortunately, Grandma Mimi cannot visit Madie as often as she would like her to, because she lives in a meadow far away and it is a long way to travel.  

Madie and her Grandma Mimi.  Grandma Mimi is wearing and orange shawl, neatly over her back and concealing her wings.  She has a yellow bonnet on her head.  Madie has a pink bow on her head.  The two are looking at one another.  The background is some short grass and a simple watercolor wash of blue and green.

Paddy Owl

Paddy Owl, originally from Ireland, is perhaps the wisest and most knowledgeable neighbor in the meadow. When faced with a problem, everyone seeks Paddy’s advice and guidance. He lives in his home in a large Oak tree on the north side of the meadow where the fields are large and covered in deep green grass.

Picture of Paddy Owl wearing an opened brown vest and standing on a horizontal tree limb in the moonlight.  He has large green eyes, an orange beak, and two strong talons, also orange, gripping the tree limb.  The sky is a deep blue color indicating a clear night and the moolight is shining about in the background spreading a glow over Mr. Paddy and the tree. The now elderely Mr. Earl the Squirrel wearing thick eyeglasses and a blue vest.  His fur is reddish in color, his tail is as tall as he is, extending over his head, and he is holding a cane. Picture is over a simple blue green watercolor background

Mr. Earl

Mr. Earl the squirrel is one of the eldest and most beloved neighbors in the meadow. His eyesight is very poor now so he must wear a thick pair of eyeglasses to see well enough to get around and to gather his food.

Main story character Madie Duck with her Momma and Poppa in the meadow.  Momma has a pink scarf on her head and has light brown feathers.  Poppa has a green head and vest, and is colored much like a Mallard.  Madie is shy-looking yellow dug with a pink bow on her head.

Madie with her Momma and Poppa

Madie lives in the meadow with her Momma and Poppa who love her very much. They have taught her to respect her elders and community, pray and give thanks to God, and to be wise in the Word of God.

Welcome to the Characters page. Please simply scroll down the page to meet these fifteen neighbors of the meadow. There are a few more characters in the book that are not introduced here; so, you’ll have to wait to meet them.

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