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There are two quizzes for each chapter of the book, plus a set of three quizzes entitled the “Who Am I?” quizzes. Each quiz has ten multiple-choice questions. Once you select a quiz using the menu buttons, it may take a moment or two for the quiz to load. After reading the instructions, please click the Begin button to start the quiz. To answer a question, just click the button that has the right answer written on it. And, remember, you get only one chance to answer each question and cannot change your answer. So, read carefully and think before you make a selection. After selecting your answer, click the Next Question button to scroll down to the next question. It is best to answer the questions in consecutive order, but you can answer them in any order that you want. If you decide to skip a question, use the scroll bar at the right to return to the question when you are ready. Just please remember to answer all ten questions—if you don’t know an answer, try to rule out the choices you know are wrong and then make your best guess. After answering all the questions, click the Done button on the tenth question panel to return to the top of the page and have your quiz graded.

When you click the Grade button, your quiz will be automatically graded and your score will be shown. Click the Review button to scroll down to each question to see which ones you answered correctly or incorrectly. For every incorrect answer, a note will appear directing you to the page or pages in the book where the answer can be found. After you have reviewed all of your answers and looked up any you may have missed in the book, you can take the quiz again, move on to the next quiz, or return to the Story Quizzes page to choose a different quiz.

The first time you take a quiz, try to answer the questions without looking in the book. Then, after you have your quiz graded, look up the answers to the questions you missed and take the quiz again before moving on to the next quiz. You might even want to read each chapter again before and after taking a quiz. If you keep working at it, you will soon be able to answer all the questions to each quiz correctly. After you become an expert, you will be able to make up your own quiz questions. If you do, please send your questions to us and we will add them into future quizzes for everyone to take and enjoy.

When you are ready to begin, select a quiz from the menu. Please remember that it may take a moment for the page to load, and, most importantly, remember to have fun and think hard.

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Quiz Instructions

Welcome to the Story Quizzes page, where you can test your knowledge and understanding of the story in a fun and enjoyable way. Please do not be discouraged if you cannot answer all the questions correctly the first time. The quizzes are designed to challenge you and help you learn to look for answers in the book and to be a careful and detailed reader. It’s all about learning and having fun. You may have to take each quiz several times before you can answer all the questions correctly. So, please don’t give up. We know you can do it if you keep trying. You can now read the quiz instructions or go directly to the quiz menu.

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